How to add database into cpanel

Database is the backbone of every website. Database is the place where we store all the data about our website. In this tutorial we will learn how to add database from cpanel.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login into your website cpanel.
  2. From the Home page find Mysql Database Section.

3. Click on Mysql Database and it will open Database Interface.

4. In the Create New Database section enter database name which you want to create.

5. It will create your database and now time to create user for the database.

6. Add new user in the Mqsql users database.

7. Enter user name and password.

8. It will create user for the database.

9. Your database and user is ready to use. Now its time to add user to database so that it can use functions of database.

10. In the Add User To Database section select your created database and user and click on ADD button.

11. It will redirect you to Manage user Privileges Section where you can give required permission to user.

12. Click Make Changes and your website database is ready to store data for your website.

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